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Dear Entrepreneur or Business Owner,

It's pretty simple, really...

These days, you MUST have a website. That's ESSENTIAL.

However, beyond that, the two things that matter most are traffic and conversions.

That's because — to earn a profit — you must get VISITORS to your website... and then turn them into BUYERS.

It's a two-step process.

I provide professional marketing services designed to help you sell more of your products and services.

My name is John Palmieri and I began my study of marketing and copywriting many years ago in college, where I earned a bachelor's degree in business.

I've helped HUNDREDS of internet marketers, entrepreneurs, and small business owners. And I'd like to help you, too.

So, if you want more sales and bigger profits, I can help.

When I create sales letters, or provide other marketing services, I don't cut corners.

My goal is always to obtain the best result possible.

Marketing Is An Investment In Your Business

To get a mule to walk up a hill, you could try to use "force" by pushing it... or you could dangle a carrot in front of it so it "wants" to walk.

Marketing is similar...

That's why professionals work to make people "want" to buy. Amateurs, on the other hand, commonly try to "trick" or "pressure" people into buying.

But, in today's highly-skeptical world, that raises "red flags" in the prospect's mind... often crushing any chance you had of making the sale.

That matters because good marketing pays for itself... over and over again.

And, even though you're probably an expert in your specific field — I'm an expert at marketing and copywriting.

The thing is...

This is the age of specialization. Trying to go it alone with your marketing won't SAVE you money — it will COST you sales.

Professional marketing requires skill, knowledge, effort, and experience.

I Offer A Variety Of Marketing Services...

=> Professional Marketing Services:

• Copywriting: If you need a sales letter or copy for your website, I can write it for you... as I've done for HUNDREDS of satisfied clients.

I produce conventional sales letters, video sales letters (VSLs), emails... and more.

>>> Want to see some samples? To download a PDF file with sample sales letters: Click Here.

• AI-Assisted Copywriting:

As you probably know by now, a PARADIGM SHIFT has occurred in the world of copywriting and writing, in general.

It's known as "ChatGPT" (aka, Artificial Intelligence).

Here's the lowdown...

You see, humans have certain advantages over machines. But... machines (computers & AI) also have certain advantages over humans.

For example, a skilled and highly-experienced human copywriter can produce BETTER QUALITY sales copy than AI.

Why is this true?

In large part, it's because people have EMOTIONS. And copywriters understand (on a deep level) how to use those emotions to PERSUADE.

But ChatGPT is a MACHINE. It's a ROBOT. And while robots know what the dictionary definition of the word "emotion" is...


So, the best it can do is to try to FAKE it. (Often, quite poorly.)

I can give you many more reasons and examples -- such as the fact that AI tends to fall into using PREDICTABLE PATTERNS, at times. And since storytelling a major component of copywriting, it's something that I watch for (and fix) in AI copy.

Anyway, here's where it gets REALLY interesting...

The thing is, ChatGPT also has an advantage. A BIG one. And that is, its blazingly FAST SPEED.

So, imagine the possibilities if you COMBINE a skilled human copywriter's advantages with AI's advantages. You can now have QUALITY sales copy... RAPIDLY.

That matters because TIME IS MONEY.

So, by teaming up with ChatGPT, I can now produce a high-quality sales letter, VSL, or email series FASTER and CHEAPER than ever before.

How much cheaper, you ask?

Well, my rates -- which were always quite reasonable -- are now as much as 75 percent LOWER.

That means, you get excellent copy... and you get it FAST & CHEAP.

I'm able to accomplish that amazing feat by understanding the structure of sales copy, the elements that are essential for persuasion, and how emotion is utilized in copy for MAXIMUM results.

But I don't stop there...

Without diving into all of my AI hacks, let's just say that I explain what I want ChatGPT to do, let it do (most) of the heavy lifting, edit the prompts (and regenerate, as necessary), and then edit & proof the final copy it produces (by myself) to OPTIMIZE it.

The fact is, there's STILL a substantial amount of "human work" involved -- but MUCH less than there used to be. So, you SAVE A TON. :)

For a FREE, NO-OBLIGATION price quote on your specific project, simply contact me TODAY via email.

• Product Descriptions for Shopify Stores & Amazon Sellers: If you want to improve your sales, you need professionally-written sales copy for your e-commerce products.

• Sales Letter "Repair": If you have an existing sales letter that's performing poorly, instead of writing a brand-new letter I can "hammer it into shape" and improve it.

To accomplish that, I'll edit, modify, and add new copy, as necessary. (This is a great option because it will save you money over having a new sales letter written from scratch.)

• Small Business Websites: If your business doesn't have a website — you NEED one. It's no longer optional.

The fact is, businesses WITHOUT a website will find it harder to compete for customers. That's because the internet has become the "central hub" for almost all modern MARKETING activities.

(Note: A Facebook page isn't good enough. Why? Because you DO NOT own that page — Facebook does. You need a website that you OWN and have FULL CONTROL over.)

Your website must explain WHAT you do, HOW you can help, and WHY your prospects should choose your business over your competitors. In other words, why you're a BETTER CHOICE.

I build Marketing Websites that are designed to promote your business and help SELL MORE of your products or services.

On the other hand, most common websites are little more than online "business cards." They mostly provide general information and basic contact details — and, in 2023 — that's not good enough. You have to persuade the prospect and provide enough information for them to make a BUYING DECISION.

The problem is, websites created by most designers tend to LOOK nice, but they're typically not very good at SELLING — which is the PURPOSE of a website!

So, you could end up stuck with little more than a fancy business card...

• Email Marketing Services: Email is a CRITICAL marketing tool for EVERY business. If you're not building and mailing your email list, you're losing money.

That's because email lets you keep in touch with your customers at a super-low cost for REPEAT sales.

• Reputation Management (RepMan): If you own a restaurant (or almost any other type of small business) even a single bad review on can DAMAGE your business.

At the same time, ACTIVELY managing your Yelp profile can bring your business NEW CUSTOMERS. RepMan can help with BOTH.

• Local Search Engine Optimization (SEO): This service helps you rank in the organic listings of Google and Bing. It can be an extremely cost-effective traffic generation method.

• Local Pay-Per-Click Ads Management (PPC): These ads can bring FAST traffic to your website. I'll optimize your advertising to your business.

• Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO): I can analyze your business & website, and then help MAXIMIZE your profit through a variety of strategies.

• Consulting Services: Sometimes it's hard to solve business problems because you're too close to the issue to spot the problem. I can provide the marketing guidance you need.

And more...

For information about any of the services I offer, simply contact me at the email address below...

You'll Receive Reliable Service...

I'll perform your work in a reasonable amount of time — but I won't sacrifice quality by rushing it.

I pride myself on doing quality work and providing great service.

Here's What Actual Clients Have Said...


"I ordered a second sales letter from John, because his first one has converted very well. And, just like the last time, the sales letter he delivered was awesome!

Not only does he write great sales letters, he's also extremely easy to work with. He constantly kept me up to date as to where he was in the project, and delivered it in the time frame he quoted.

I know I'll be using him again."

Bryan Zimmerman

"Absolute Perfection"

"I had 2 projects to take care of so I hired 2 writers. John from Persuasive Sales Letters and another copywriter for hire who I will not name.

The 'other' writer sent me a questionnaire as did John.

John continued to communicate with me, asking intelligent questions, checking facts, etc. I had to email the "other" copywriter to ask if he got my questionnaire. We barely communicated.

The 'other' writer delivered first. A sales letter that didn't represent my product, contained a BS story I can't stand behind and clearly showed he did not even review my product.

John delivered a few days later. Absolute perfection."

Thank you!

Brad Gosse

"Never Been Happier"

"I have to tell you honestly. I've never been happier with a writer before. I've never had such great copy, and I'm so pleased with the results of the sales letter.

Thank you John for the great work.

I'll definitely be using your skills again."


John Adams


"I badly needed a sales letter for my new product. I chose John because of the great testimonials he has received.

Working with John was a pleasure. He is professional, helpful, and he went beyond the strict remit of writing me a sales letter. He gave helpful advice on how to improve my campaign and maximize my chance of success.

The sales letter itself was top-notch. He weeded out the unique features of my product and I'm proud to have it on my sales site.

I would not hesitate for a moment to use his services again in the future."

Martin Capodici


"John, we just wanted to let you know how rapt we were in the excellent sales letter that you did for us. You took what was a convoluted series of thoughts and ideas that we had about our product and turned it into an accurate, easy-to-read, and enticing piece of copy.

Not only that, but you also turned your hand to helping us make sure that the look and feel of our sales page was appropriate to the story being told.

Your attention to detail was fantastic as was your attitude to customer satisfaction. The service you provided was outstanding and we will look to call upon you and your skills again in the near future."

Bronwyn and Keith Stringer

"Absolutely Fantastic"

"Hi John,

The new sales letter you wrote is absolutely fantastic — top job.

Thanks a lot for all the help and advice you've given me and, of course, for the finished sale letter. It's exactly what I wanted and needed."


Rob Keast

As you can see, my customers are very HAPPY with my work. And I think you will be, too.

My philosophy is very simple...

"I never provide services or sales copy that I wouldn't be happy with if I were the customer."

And that's why I work hard to deliver quality sales copy, helpful marketing services, and expert consulting advice.

Contact Me Today...

The first step is to simply e-mail me at and tell me a little about your business and the services you're interested in.

After I hear from you, I'll get back to you with all the details.

I look forward to helping you improve your profits.


John Palmieri, BBA
Professional Copywriter & Marketing Consultant

P.S. When you hire me, you're getting a PROFESSIONAL copywriter & marketer. I have experience, a high level of skill, and REAL testimonials from REAL customers. Contact me today...