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Dear Business Owner,

It's pretty simple, really...

To profit online you need three things: a good product or service, targeted traffic... and effective sales copy.

When you hire me, you'll get TRUE professional-quality copy. I'll craft a properly structured sales letter (tailored especially for your product or service) that covers all the essential elements of persuasion — for MAXIMUM results.

My name is John Palmieri and I began my study of copywriting many years ago in college, where I earned a bachelor's degree in marketing.

I've studied master copywriters and marketers such as Schwab, Hopkins, Caples, and many others in-depth. And I continue to study marketing to this day.

In the last 8 years, I've helped over 200 marketers, entrepreneurs, and small business owners. And I'd like to help you, too.

So, if you want more sales and bigger profits, I can help.

Furthermore, unlike some copywriters, I don't cut corners.

That means I will NEVER...

• Outsource your copy to another writer.

• Hand off work to "assistants."

• Use automated "letter writing" software.

When you hire me, I'll write your copy MYSELF.

To create your letter, I'll dig to uncover your product's most powerful benefits.

Then, after it's written, I'll comb through the copy to make it as effective as possible.

Quality Copywriting Is An Investment

To get a mule to walk up a hill, you could try to use "force" by pushing it... or you could dangle a carrot in front of it so it "wants" to walk.

Copywriting is similar...

That's why professional copywriters work to make people "want" to buy. Amateurs, on the other hand, commonly try to "trick" or "pressure" people into buying.

But, in today's highly-skeptical world, that raises "red flags" in the prospect's mind... often crushing any chance you had of making the sale.

Having a poorly-written sales letter is like sending out a second-rate salesperson... you'll end up losing sales and "leaving money on the table."

Good copy, on the other hand, pays for itself... over and over again.

And, even though you may be an expert in your specific field or area of business — I'm an expert at marketing and copywriting. And that's where I can help.

This is the age of specialization. Trying to go it alone and write your own sales copy won't save you money — it will cost you sales.

Writing effective sales copy requires skill, knowledge... and painstaking effort.

You'll Receive Reliable Service...

After I begin your sales letter, I'll complete it in a reasonable amount of time — but I won't sacrifice quality by "rushing it out the door."

I pride myself on doing quality work and providing great service... the kind I would want to receive if I were the customer.

Here's What Actual Clients Have Said...


"I ordered a second sales letter from John, because his first one has converted very well. And, just like the last time, the sales letter he delivered was awesome!

Not only does he write great sales letters, he's also extremely easy to work with. He constantly kept me up to date as to where he was in the project, and delivered it in the time frame he quoted.

I know I'll be using him again."

Bryan Zimmerman

"Absolute Perfection"

"I had 2 projects to take care of so I hired 2 writers. John from Persuasive Sales Letters and another copywriter for hire who I will not name.

The 'other' writer sent me a questionnaire as did John.

John continued to communicate with me, asking intelligent questions, checking facts, etc. I had to email the "other" copywriter to ask if he got my questionnaire. We barely communicated.

The 'other' writer delivered first. A sales letter that didn't represent my product, contained a BS story I can't stand behind and clearly showed he did not even review my product.

John delivered a few days later. Absolute perfection."

Thank you!

Brad Gosse

"Never Been Happier"

"I have to tell you honestly. I've never been happier with a writer before. I've never had such great copy, and I'm so pleased with the results of the sales letter.

Thank you John for the great work.

I'll definitely be using your skills again."


John Adams
United Kingdom


"I badly needed a sales letter for my new product. I chose John because of the great testimonials he has received.

Working with John was a pleasure. He is professional, helpful, and he went beyond the strict remit of writing me a sales letter. He gave helpful advice on how to improve my campaign and maximize my chance of success.

The sales letter itself was top-notch. He weeded out the unique features of my product and I'm proud to have it on my sales site.

I would not hesitate for a moment to use his services again in the future."

Martin Capodici
United Kingdom


"I just wanted to say thanks for all the hard work. The letter is great — it's working well.

Working with you was a pleasure. I was scared of ending up with some generic sounding page but that definately is not what I got.

I would work with you again — no problem.

Many thanks for the work you've done."

Tony Marshall
United Kingdom


"John, we just wanted to let you know how rapt we were in the excellent sales letter that you did for us. You took what was a convoluted series of thoughts and ideas that we had about our product and turned it into an accurate, easy-to-read, and enticing piece of copy.

Not only that, but you also turned your hand to helping us make sure that the look and feel of our sales page was appropriate to the story being told.

Your attention to detail was fantastic as was your attitude to customer satisfaction. The service you provided was outstanding and we will look to call upon you and your skills again in the near future."

Bronwyn and Keith Stringer

"10/10 Job"

"Hey John,

I just had a chance to read through the sales letter.

In short, it is awesome. 10/10 job. Well done and thank you!

I would be very interested in hiring you for future products."

Justin Popovic

"Absolutely Fantastic"

"Hi John,

The new sales letter you wrote is absolutely fantastic — top job.

Thanks a lot for all the help and advice you've given me and, of course, for the finished sale letter. It's exactly what I wanted and needed."


Rob Keast
United Kingdom

I have many more testimonials, but you get the point: My customers are HAPPY with my work. And I think you will be, too.

Guaranteed Satisfaction

I'll work hard to make sure you're completely happy. However, when you receive your new sales letter, if you're not absolutely delighted, I'll edit or modify it.

My philosophy is simple...

"I never give a client a sales letter that I wouldn't be happy to use myself."

I deliver professional quality sales copy, marketing services, and expert advice. That's why my customers tend to come back to me whenever they need great sales copy or marketing advice.

Here Are Some Of The Ways I Can Help...

1) If you need a NEW sales letter, I can write it for you.

My fee for a new sales letter is based on a number of factors. (When you contact me, please tell me a little about your product or service.)

2) If you have an EXISTING sales letter that isn't converting well — I can improve it.

I'll go through your letter, find any problems that exist, and then edit/modify/rewrite the copy to solve those problems. I will also add copy, as necessary, to cover all the essential elements of persuasion.

3) I also offer Conversion Rate Optimization, Consulting, and a variety of other services designed to help you sell more of your products or services.

Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) is a process designed to turn more of your website visitors into paying customers. I'll analyze and refine your selling process (your sales page, offer, marketing strategy, and traffic) to help MAXIMIZE your profits.

Contact Me Today...

The first step is to simply e-mail me at and tell me a little about your product or service.

After I hear from you, I'll get back to you with all the details.

Of course, if you have any questions about my services, please feel free to ask.

I look forward to helping you boost your profits.


John Palmieri, BSBA
Professional Copywriter & Marketing Consultant

P.S. When you hire me, you're getting a PROFESSIONAL copywriter & marketer. I have experience, a high level of skill, and REAL testimonials from REAL customers. I'll help you boost your profits. Contact me today...